Secret Walls x Bournemouth | GRAND FINAL 2014 | Shaun Horlock Vs Hula Herbert

The 27th June saw the Grand final for Secret Walls x Bournemouth at The Winchester between two artists that have excelled in this years tournament with very different styles. Shaun Horlock vs Hula Herbert.

Shaun’s place in the final was secured by his tailed fox character in round 2 against Kevin Scully, which impressed our Redtail sponsors, and again in the semi final against Andres Canals, with his spiritual, ‘create don’t hate’ piece. Careful line work (often drawn with both hands!) to the point of seemingly near-perfect vectored imagery have got this wizard the recognition he deserved with us this year.

Hula, has taken a very different approach with her loose brush and paint work, creating some detailed and very realistic paintings. From the Tank in Round 1 against Geo Dench, to the Steam train at the Semi Finals against Lucan art. Every wall from Hula has wow’d the audience (and other artists) with what can be done at Secret Walls. Its not just about pens!

It might have been the same weekend as Glastonbury but that didn’t stop the swarm of supporters coming down to watch the final (Hula’s partner even left Glasto to come and see this battle!). After painting a bar at the Isle of White Festival a couple of weeks before, Shaun and Hula had plenty of time to talk about the final, which was evident by the cheeky little hi-5 in the middle of the wall! Rare to see such camaraderie at these competitions. On one side stood Shaun’s alien invasion, while a scary looking hooping T-rex blessed the other.

The crowd roar this month was deafening for both sides, but Hula just took it. Our judges were Tom Whitton (artist at Redtail studio) who gave his point to Hula, and Taire Desacada (Venue manager at The Canvas) also gave his to Hula too. It was a 3-0 victory.

As this years winner, Hula has gone straight into her first commission with Taire at The Canvas in Shoreditch, with a couple more projects for her in the pipeline.

Massive amounts of props and whistles go to the rest of our artists this year, look out for them in the future; GEO DENCH, KEVIN SCULLY, ROTH, LUCAN ART, ANDRES CANALS, DAVE DAVIS, and EDIE LAWRENCE.


Please get in touch if you would like to compete in the next tournament.


Photos taken by: Paul Malin:,


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Secret Walls x AKG Launch Berlin

Secret Walls were invited over to Berlin for a very special battle to launch AKG’s new range of headphones

Former Team Amsterdam Secret Walls Euro-League Champion MR K battled a fellow Secret Walls Euro-league Team Berlin competitor- LOOKtheweird on the roof terrace of nhow Music Hotel, Berlin in scorching 36ºC heat for a select audience of journalists and music industry insiders.

Both artists were in full attack mode, Mr K utilising his signature characters and bold use of the canvas, whilst LOOKtheweird went for a more detailed, nature inspired piece.

ReepsOne hosted and ended the night with a jaw dropping performance that put Harman’s PA system to the test.

The judges gave a point to each artist leaving the deciding vote to the crowd who saw Mr K though as the winner by 0.2 of a decibel louder than LOOKtheweird!

A great night in a city we love coming back to.

Big thanks to ReepsOne, AKG Audio, Harman, LOOKtheweird, Mr K, Richie our German carpenter and the team at Modular art store for sorting us out.

Till next time Berlin!

Photos courtesy of Oliver Wand

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Pros in Paris

Paris witnessed Secret Walls hold the first round of its “Pro Series”, bringing together 3 British and 3 French artists for a Channel challenge.

Held at the renowned auction house, Hotel Drouot, the Secret Walls event kicked off Europe’s annual urban art auction, featuring almost 200 works by the likes of Banksy, D*Face, Shepard Fairey, Nick Walker and our competing artists PURE EVIL, INKIE, ZEUS, HOBZ, SOCROME, and STEW.

Despite an entirely French audience, Team UK won the battle by 10 points on the decibel meter. Let’s hope that streak continues into the World Cup…

Take a look at the mischief we caused in Paris before we release the video in July, and keep your eyes on the schedule here for more Pro Series rounds across the globe…

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Secret Walls x Bournemouth | Semi Final DOUBLE BATTLE | Hula Herbert Vs Lucan Art & Shaun Horlock Vs Andres Canals

Since January 8 artists have been battling it out for the Secret Walls X Bournemouth 2014 crown and after four rounds of exceptional drawing we have our semi finalists in a double battle we saw Shaun Horlock vs Andres Canals with shaun taking home the title with a 2-1 vote in his favour and Hula Herbert Vs Lucan art with Hula winning via a 2-1 vote

Which means we will see Hula Herbert battling Shaun Horlock later this month for in the Grand Final for the title of Secret Walls x Bournemouth 2014 Champion!

Music on the night was provided by Dafu + Cursa, Extra Mediam and B.Yond, Big thanks to our hosts- Selby + Krishna.
Photos taken by: Paul Malin:,


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Secret Walls at Streetfest 2014

Check out these great photos of the Secret Walls team in full battle action at StreetFest taken by Eric Tearle

You can check out more of Eric’s work on his website and his blog

0300 of 307

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