SW x HK Series 2 | Round 3 | Kathryn Mills vs Rodney Stratton

For Secret Walls x Hong Kong Series 2, Round 3 Rodney Stratton took on Kathryn Mann, both newcomers to Secret Walls, but both two strong artists

The two artists chose to reflect the recent protests in their pieces, but in pretty different ways. Rodney took the battle 3-0, the crowd were pretty split and it was a close one.

Judges on the night were the Editor of Boom! Magazine, a Hong Kong publication and a local gallery owner who was involved a lot in last years series.

Tunes provided by Roy Malig and Taku, Roy used to run one of the only record shops in HK and Taku runs a basement/underground club, so the vibes were kept up all night.

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SW x HK Series 2 | Round 3 | Szabotage vs Oberon

Round 3 saw two newcomers taking to the stage for the first time,  one English one Chinese. Both artists had bold styles, Oberon kept it simple whereas Szabotage went for a more comical tactic.  Dressed as Dennis the Menace, drew a monobrow and his work was more like an old school English Comic strip!

Despite Oberon’s fancy dress, Szabotage’s piece appealed more to the crowd and  judges, leading him to win all three votes.

Judges on the day were – Charley Langyan, Journalist South China Morning Post and Ivan Rock, graffiti artist from Paris.

Music was provided by Blood Dunza and Bones. who kept a nice reggae through to drum and bass vibe.

Photos courtesy of Kyra campbell

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SW x HK Series 2 | Round 2 | Used Pencil Vs Pearl Law

Secret Walls x Hong Kong veteran Used Pencil loved competing so much last year he came back to give it another go! This time he was up against new contestant and Secret walls virgin Pearl

Both artists styles were really different, Used Pencil working his signature strong lines across the boards- which has always proven to be a Secret Walls crowd pleaser- simple yet powerful. Pearl took on a much more illustrative, cartoon like approach to the boards with a comical twist.

The venue was rammed with around 200 people coming out to support the artists. Music on the night was provided by two different djs, Ed Rollo, Sol Passion Music and Visa from Cliché Records, all hosted by a new Hip Hop MC called Rebearth,

Used Pencil won both on the judges and Crowd vote to go through and carry on battling in his second Secret Walls tournament.

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Secret Walls x Lyon begins…

France has had a fresh taste of Secret Walls this week as Lyon started its own series. Crowds sniffed out the paint in no time and packed out the venue on its opening night.

Round 1 saw local talent Quetzilla and Kesadi go head to head, with Kesadi moving on to the next round.

Well done guys!

Be sure to head over to our schedule page to bag a ticket for Round 2 THIS THURSDAY if you’re in town.




Secret Walls brings it home

Yes, you read that right, Secret Walls is returning to its home turf in East London, after a ten years spreading the message globally.

Battles start THIS OCTOBER so get signing up to be selected for our warm up PAINT JAM.

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