SW HK 2014


Secret Walls Hong Kong Returns……

This week HK started the second bout of Secret Walls battles with a SOLD OUT opener!

Judges included last years’ winner Mark Goss and festival-organiser Jay FC.

Stepping onto the battleground was SW veteran Jay Cadwell, versus newbie Alex Wong.

Jay competed last year, emerging as a crowd favourite, but with a bit of dutch courage from our proud sponsors, Absolut, Alex braved the stage and won their vote!

Nice one Alex. We’ll see you in round 2.

Keep up to date with battles in Hong Kong on our schedule. And if you can make it down, this year’s series is being held at The Fringe Club – one of the few listed colonial buildings surviving the concrete jungle.

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Black Book Battles x Australia


G’Day! How ya goin HQ?!

Been yonks since our last Secret Walls series in Sydney and Melbourne, hey? But no dramas ’cause we’ve got some mini battles going out Woop Woop. Yeah right, get this – we’re in Perth now! Bloody fair dinkum mate.

What were we thinking? Well, a little birdy told us Westraya’s “up and coming” now, meaning artists are thinking twice about their one-way ticket to Melbourne. We laughed too. So we shot the bugger and put him on the barby.

Yet, by some twist of fate, the creatives down at Form decided in April to use Perth as the playground for their urban art festival, “Public”. Strewth mate, you shoulda seen – it was going off like a frog in a sock! The city was chocka with national, and even some stray international artists, descending on the sandgropers to paint murals across the city. 45 beauties in a month. Too easy. Good on ya Perth.

And just like that, the City of Light’s snuck into the international street-art scene and given impetus to local initiatives from Art Lab, The Little Wing Corner Gallery, and the emerging Laneway Collective Project. Oh, and Secret Walls Oz of course!

We stormed into the melting pot with 2 Black Book Battle events and 23 artists locked in Artline war. The first rule of BBB is that all are welcome to the party, whatever age, experience or style. Heaps variety. Heaps fun. It’s ace mate.

Check out the work below and we’ll catch you guys later. Hooroo!


***Some or none of this content is verbatim.

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Secret Walls x ABV Gallery


Secret Walls x Bernstein & Andriulli x Creative Social x Mass Appeal

Last week, an epic collaboration of art networks brought Secret Walls to one of New York‘s most dapper spaces, NeueHouse.

In the next round of our Pro Series, Secret Walls veteran and Mishka designer L’Amour Supreme came up against mega-muralist Tristan Eaton. Despite his “Lamour No Mour” t-shirt, Tristan was eaten by the crowd in a loud vote for the winner.

Congrats to L’Amour and cheers to all who came down to pack out another awesome night.

Check out the video footage below, plus future Pro Series listings here.

Photos this way
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Secret Walls x Beirut 2014 Teaser

Check out this teaser for the upcoming 2014 Secret Walls x Beirut weekly Quarter final battles starting tonight at Behind the Green Door, Lebanon, Beirut

For a full list of who is battling on what date click HERE